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Master  Seyyed   Ali  Haghshenas kamyab was born in 1975, the  founder   and  head  of  the  board  of  directors  of   the Iranian  Martial   Arts Professionals  Union,  started the martial arts from Esteghlal-e-Jonoub Club of Tehran  in the field of karate (Keyokushin) in 1980 and during more than 24 years has gained tens championship  titles in the fields of Kick boxing, Taekwondo and Full contact inside and outside of the country.  

Part of his biography

To enter the Martial Arts (kiyokushin). 1980

Get high School  Diploma. 1994

Entering Military Service. 1994

Established the Taekwondo of Azad University .1997

Established the Iranian Taekwondo Association. 2000

Established the Top Taekwondo Martial Art. 2002

Established the Iranian Martial Arts Professionals Union. 2004

Established the Iran Sport N.G.Os Society. 2006

Established the Asia Savate Confederation. 2008

Writing the first Persian Source Amal Movement of  Lebanon. 2006-2009

Writing Book of Iran Historical Sovereignty over the Tunbs and Bu mousa Islands. 2009-2010


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