The last 10 years  experience proved us that the private sector has no place in Iranís sport ,Iran sport NGOís Society, Seyyed Ali aghshenas said in his interview with Fars News Agency.

He added: we have founded the first legal civil institute, Iranian taekwondo Association, 9 years ago and we took a positive action toward developing quality and quantity of different kinds of Martial Arts by constituting the Iranian Martial Arts professional union.

He continued: holding the champion competition in through country such as taekwondo, karate, kickboxing and participating in international tournament are the honorable activities of this society, while all of these have been ignored by current federation.

World Champion of kickboxing stated: we have done all these works without any fund by government or any sponsor but personal charges.

Head of Iranian taekwondo Association and founder of top-taekwondo stated that some federations specially taekwondo one were supported by sport organization and media which could result in a better consequences. Serving the sport in any event is a great honor and managing with public fund in federation is not a masterwork.   

Champion of European taekwondo (Germany 2000) added: unfortunately, during the last years wrong management and being indifference for civil association made the experts to be unwilling for sport and produce costly managers without any positive consequence. Indifference of physical education organization I a warning to country sport which may not be compensable.

Source: Fars News Agency, 8/12/2009