Seyed Ali Haghshenas the founder and secretary general of Iran Sport Non Governmental Organizations’ (N.G.Os’) Society following an open letter to Mostafa Pour Mohammadi on March 9, 2008, while criticizing the governmental structure of country’s sport, proclaim his support from the viewpoint of Country’s General Inspection Organization based on putting aside from the sport the individuals who have two or more jobs:


“Legislation is the basic of the system.” (The Supreme Leader of Iran)


His Excellency Hojat Ol Eslam Val Moslemin Mostafa Pour Mohammadi

Honorable President of Country’s General Inspection Organization

With salutation,


There are many years that the compassionate persons and real owners of the sport have stayed in isolation and been watching in sports the presence of non professionals on top of federations and provinces’ corps and …, only because of being related to entities and various organizations. This isolation has happened since they have not been among the managers who have favored people by their management!

The constant presence of non sportive individuals, many job owners and, recently also, expert pretending ones have taken root so deeply in Iran sport that within last one decade they have not refrained from doing any efforts for crashing legal civil entities. It is so, that during previous cabinet, in spite of state’s attractive slogans which were preferred by public, they, from top to bottom of Physical Training Organization, with using all governmental levers, stood in the way of the first civil entity in sport of the country (Iranian Taekwondo Association), the organization which without receiving any governmental fund, recorded the highest activities’ level in the sport. And also, in the present cabinet, the results gained by private sector’s champions, who in fact are the real national champions, are called invalid!

Honestly, why our sport’s governmental structure is behaving maliciously with the champions and coaches, who are hoisting the holly flag of Islamic Republic of Iran in international events with personal budget and without imposing exorbitant expenditures on national treasury, or with public entities, which are managed with real professionals? Why the legal private sector which has well records and is not benefitting from governmental funds and possibilities, has become a target of attacks and been treated disrespectfully? Is our country, with 70 millions of population, starving from capable persons that the sport should be directed with many job owners? Is it out of respect to have numerous activities and gain many glories despite of several sabotages, but valid to waste milliards of Tomans, from national treasury’s funds and people’s capital, in world competitions and Olympic Games?!

What is for sure, the ever-increasing retardation of country’s sport is the result of the presence of non professionals and individuals that prefer their own interests instead of national interests, like to have continuous presence in the sport and obtain higher key positions. The question of the private sector from the individuals, who believe beneficial the presence of many job owners in the sport is, the president of which ones, the federation, general office of Physical Training Organization or provincial council, which some of them have been and are still in their posts for more than 20 years, are not using the governmental budgets and possibilities? The possibilities that the non governmental sport formations do not have even the least. Has not the time come to execute the Articles 26 and 44 of constitutional law with their real meaning?

His Excellency Mr. Pour Mohammadi, Iran Sport Non Governmental Organizations’ (N.G.Os’) Society is thanking and appreciating and is on the side of Your Excellency and your respected colleagues in Country’s General Inspection Organization’s historical and constructive viewpoint based on respecting the regulations and putting aside, from the sport, the two job owners which could give an end to three decades oppressions of sport players. Also, the Society is hopeful that this policy, with the present shining examples of determination, diligence and will-power, continues without changing its direction and encountering political troubles until its complete execution and entire departure of monopolists which is the only way for delivering the Iran sport.


We request your success from Allah


Seyed Ali Haghshenas


Secretary General of Iran Sport Non Governmental Organizations’ (N.G.Os’) Society

President of Board of Iranian Martial Arts Professionals Union