“Disagreement with presence of non-profit organization in sport area, indicating democracy in republic government, is a clear malice with people that have not any place in Islamic republic of Iran and we condemn it in any way.” Head of Iran sport NGO’s society, seyyed Ali Haghshenas said.

He continued “in spite of all problems we face during the past decade and shortage of possibilities, we operated out of governmental structures and we will do so, while someone adheres to sport disagreeing with civil institution, they have not seen even the color of a club 10 years ago.”

Haghshenas added:” Historical memory of Iranian sport has retained the performance of opponent with presence of public in sport from gold winners to newcomers and they must be responsive to their behaviors before God and people. Unfortunately, the fundamental problem of Iran’s sport is sometimes preference of relations. Lack of competent and presence bi-vocational inexpert considered as an expert by misuse of their position.

Founder of the first civil institution of Iran’s sport continued:  considering the sport federations as non-profit in the pas was made with aim of eliminating the civil institution. While more than 51 percent of non-profit organization’s budget and facilities are provided, they are ranked in governmental agency levels. We have the judgment to people about whether the federations are wholly governmental or private.

World champion of kickboxing added: why those who do not deem the position of federation president as a profession have adhered to table and owe their credits to their positions? I wonder what have done for this country those who have eliminated the real experts from sport area, the three past decades.

We observed this outdate method exercised in some sports during 2008 Olympic Games. The only way to inhibit these failures is removing the bi-vocational non-experts from sport area.

Referring to the first four-year activities of the union, head of Iranian Martial Arts professionals union stated: during the past four-year we have achieved all goals determined for union include development of martial arts with holding several championship and various boundary completion and we will purser our plans in the future by approving the short-term and long-term program, while in line with union policy, the officials are in charge of assistant in union have a competent expert and at least 20 years experience of activity and champion background.

Source: Niroo weekly Magazine, Wednesday 25/12/2008