Seyed Ali Haghshenas the president of Iran Sport Non Governmental Organizations’ (N.G.Os’) Society said: Not obtaining results from Iran sport group in Olympic Games of 2008 cannot be investigated only in present sports directors’ management weaknesses, but in order to reach in world’s sports to the place where deserves the name of Iran, the sport should have the necessary scientific and modern viewpoint, the substructures should be changed and the political directors should be replaced by professional directors. An organization named Physical Training Organization should be dissolved and replaced with the Ministry of Sport and the more important one, instead of suppressing and being enemy with private and public sector, to do the planning for the presence of this sector in executive system.

The champion of World Full Contact (Holland 2001) added: The sport of Iran, during last periods of Olympic Games and participating in this event, has always been depending upon unique stars and brilliant ones who by nature and by themselves have reached to successes, and this case that some sports’ ex-managers, with using the above mentioned, point out that during their management, in certain Olympic Games, so many medals have been gained, cannot be a good reason for hiding Iran sports’ cyclically illnesses and structural weaknesses. Haghshenas continued: Whereas, all well known countries in the world by their sports, with transferring the sport to the private sector and to their people; and with having a general supervision on it, have reached to this place, but the nature of Iran sport is monopolistic and is completely against the presence of civil entities in it.

The president of Iranian Martial Arts Professionals Union expressed: In 1999, in managerial term of Hashemi Taba, for the first time we dispatched a team out of governmental structure to Taekwondo International matches to Holland, where the sirs, with multilateral efforts and different consultation, even prevented our presence in sport hall. In Mehralizaeh term of office in Physical Training Organization, we tolerated the most burdensome encounters and tensions. Recently also, these persons have called illegal the attendance and championship of Kick Boxing Team in World Matches. While we were thinking that this statement was declared by a particular manager, the spokesman of Physical Training Organization, with a more intense position, involved himself into the current case.

Now the question is, that gaining the world championship, in presence of world’s well known players of these fields with personal expenses without using expensive possibilities and imposing any budget on country’s treasury, is illegal, but spending millions of dollars of people’s money in the actual economical circumstances, with which different difficulties could be eliminated, is legal.

The world Kick Boxing champion (Spain 2008) stated: It is near ten years that the private sector is active lawfully in country’s sport and during this period has gained various glories and registered internal activities which were rare in their kind. Among them the followings can be mentioned: Introducing international tournaments to related federations, first presence of Iranian veiled ladies players in international matches in the United States and Germany and holding tens of provincial and country’s races. But, because of governing structure on the sport, we have always witnessed the humiliation and rejection of the professionals and among them also the active ones in private sector. What we are observing in these days is the result of it.

The president of Iranian Taekwondo Association with congratulating Saee’s gold medal to him and Taekwondo’s society, said: Iran Taekwondo had the potential to obtain two gold medals from Olympic Games of 2008 which unfortunately as a result of some marginal affairs and elbow’s bad situation, we did not succeed to achieve this important goal.

Source: Niroo Weekly Magazine, Wednesday 28/8/2008