The president of Iran Sport Non Governmental Organizationsí (N.G.Osí) Society said: Up to now any request based upon confirmation of dispatching and or using championshipsí possibilities of Iran Kick Boxing team members which last month succeeded to gain the world championship in Gladiators Cup has not been presented to Physical Training Organization.

Following declaration of one of high ranking authorities of Physical Training Organization based on illegal attendance of Iran Menís Kick Boxing Team in Spain International Matches because of not having the permit of Organizationís Extraterritorial Council, Seyed Ali Haghshenas, the president of Iranian Martial Arts Professionals Union, in an interview with ISNA stated: During the last ten years, we, as a civil entity and with personal expenses have gained various glories for our country and, unfortunately, we have often encountered such attitudes. He added: In Iran the sports belong to people and are not the family heritage of a particular individual, person or group. Besides, any Iranian citizen sport player is capable to participate freely in international competitions and gain glories for the country.

In addition, the dispatches were done within private sectorís framework and completely lawful; and one of high ranking authorities of Physical Training Organization has not the competency of giving opinion in this respect.

The Champion of World Heavyweight  Kick Boxing (Spain 2008) specified: The slogan of democracy and civil entitiesí protection have always been the order of Iran Presidentship and high ranking managers of Physical Training Organization also have emphasized on this important case and are among protectors of non governmental sector.

The champion of World Full Contact in 2001 continued: We are asking from Physical Training Organization, as the countryís sports administrator, to observe with accuracy the legal process of competency verifications of the individuals who will take the responsibilities of federations, among them some martial arts federations, in order to be confirmed by all the technical and especially educational competency of these persons, for not witnessing the presence of persons pretending expert on top of these responsibilities.

The founder of the first civil entity in sport of Iran at the end expressed: Championship among 50 countries in presence of Spain, the host of the competitions, United States, and England, which are among the countries well known in the world for their Kick Boxing, deserve appreciation suitable for the dignity of real national champions, and this important action will be soon realized by sports lovers and people interested by sports.

Source: Niroo Weekly Magazine, No. 922, Tuesday 30/7/2008