The president of Iran Sport Non Governmental Organizations (N.G.Osí) Society said: Olympic Games are the most authenticated sport matches of the world and sport players can obtain the result of their several yearsí efforts in this competition.

Seyed Ali Haghshenas in an interview with Iran Students News Agency (ISNA) expressed: There is no doubt that only the best ones should be dispatched to Olympic competitions and elective matches are the necessity of this powerful presence. But in Taekwondo, unfortunately, some circumstances at their extremity, without reaching to their demands, led the case to a direction that in less than 40 days before the Olympic Games, the principal hopes for gaining medals were dispatched with tiredness and injured.

The President of Iranian Taekwondo Association added: In sensitive and destiny making sections which in some of them national interests also were included, the problems could have been solved with taking efficiently decisions, yet in this respect we have almost never witnessed powerful actions.

The champion of Europe Taekwondo (Germany 2000) pointed out: The courage of Iranian sport players is known by anyone all over the world and we hope Taekwondo champions, despite some shortages, gain for their people the most colorful medals.

The owner of gold medal of Spain Kick Boxing World Matches, in the continuation of this interview regarding the recent championship of Iran Kick Boxing elected team in the world competitions called Gladiators Cup, specified: The level of these matches was too high and around 50 countries were competing during three days in Madrid.

These matches were displayed by the national TV of Spain and the final games also were displayed alive through Euro Sport channel.

He stated: In spite the naughtiness done by the host and Americans, Iran Team had five finalists, that with the help of God and our countryís team membersí ambition we obtained the championship place. The President of Iranian Martial Arts Professionals Union notified: The viewpoint of countryís sport governmental society should be completely changed toward the activities of civil units and national championship, which with no financial expectations and through private sector gain glories for the country. In addition, unfortunately, the tendency of TV and the few martial arts programs are toward Federationís activities and are merely speaking about them.

Even sometimes we observe the intentionally directed speeches of some broadcasters in regard of non governmental organizations (N.G.Os).

The president of Iran Sport Non Governmental Organizations (N.G.Osí) Society continued: Recently with sending a letter to Eng. Zarghami, the Management of IRIB, we have demanded the verification of this situation and asked that if the diplomats and program makers do not let the use of the tribune to the individuals who near one decade, with imposing no expenses to national treasury, have accomplished hundreds of activities that similar to them are less done, at least to not try to demolish and humiliate the civil entities; and, in contrary with duties of a national media, without invitation and presence of the representatives of the said entities, to not judge from only one side.

The champion of World Kick Boxing (Spain 2008) about the last situation of Iran Kick Boxing and the claim of some people and organizations regarding the ownership of this sector, expressed: Unfortunately, there is sometime that some ones pretending expert know themselves the owner of martial arts and even covet the results gained by martial arts old masters and toilers, that if these honorable persons give official complaints to the Union, we are ready to encounter legally and juridically with these individuals. Kick Boxing too, like any other sports, belongs to people.

In governmental sector of the sport, the Martial Arts Federation, from the time of Karate Federationís ex manager, was unremittingly looking for the management of Kick Boxing in this Federation, which despite presentation of technical and administrative reasoning to the organization by Karate Federation, the governmental sector of the sport is requesting the attendance of Kick Boxing in Martial Arts Federation. In this case the Karate Federation has no choice but accepting these decisions, because the latter is the subgroup of Physical Training Organization.

The champion of World Full Contact (Holland 2001) at the end of the interview declared: With the approval of central council and after Kick Boxing championship in Spain, this field which previously was affiliated to and managed by Into Ring Sports Assistance of the Union, from now on will be operating as an independent assistance.

Source: Niroo Weekly Magazine, Wednesday 10/7/2008