The president of Iran Sport Non Governmental Organizations’ (N.G.O.’s) Society and Iranian Martial Arts Professionals Union, in an interview with Fars news agency, said: The Physical Training Organization should have a special look to legal N.G.O.

Seyed Ali Haghshenas, in the continuation of this interview, added: Professionals Union during last year has held 50 periods of country’s matches in Taekwondo, Judo, Karate, Vosho, Kick Boxing, Full Contact and Kung Fu fields. He continued: The championship of Iran in Russia A Class International Tournaments with the presence of South Korean National Team was a start point in Union’s activities in the situation that Iranian Team was not dispatched with a complete composition. Even the best fighter of this period of competitions was elected from Iranian Team.

Haghshenas, with mentioning the holding of 25 coaching and refereeing courses in different fields, expressed: In addition, promotion tests of Dan and many others were among executed plans of the Union, so that, we can call 2007 one of the more fruitful years.

The world Full Contact champion (Holland – 2001) announced the dispatch of Kick Boxing Team to Thailand World Championship Tournaments and Kiukoshin Karate Team to Azerbaijan within the current year and stipulated: Also in months of July-August of the current year the election of president, vice-president and secretary of board of the Union will take place, in which I will again be candidate.

The founder of the first civil entity in sport of Iran continued: All these activities have been done through private section and with public helps and not any governmental fund has been given to us.

He emphasized: If Physical Training Organization does not allocate any governmental fund to us at least can let N.G.O. benefit from its facilities more and prevent the sabotages of some federations which are the entity’s vanguard against civil entities. A special look and more prizes should be considered regarding legal non governmental organizations (N.G.O.).

Source: Asr-e varzesh weekly Magazine, No. 297, Wednesday 10/4/2008