Seyed Ali Haghshenas the president of Iranian Martial Arts Professionals Union in a private interview with ISNA news agency on the subject of Taekwondo’s National Team results, in Manchester, with stating the above statement, said: The results gained by Saee in previous tournaments were disappointing and his problems must be checked and obviated by technical staff. With the durability of this situation and that his problems are either his age or technical, counting on this champion like past is not possible. Besides, Karami also has almost the same condition. In fact, in Taekwondo, all who are in this weight are in the same situation. Entekhabi also we saw he was the victorious one when dispatched to the competitions. The Taekwondo champion of Europe (Dortmund – 2000) pointed out: Regarding women’s Taekwondo, I believe there is a lot to do and the governmental structure of Taekwondo in this arena should have a serious planning. Foreign experienced coaches should be assigned for guiding women’s team, technical staff of National Team should be strengthened and especially short term and long term camps with foreign good competitors should be held.

The president of Iranian Taekwondo Association specified: With these conditions we cannot count on Taekwondo team’s medals in Olympic Games. In my opinion, the technical staff of the National Team that within the last one or two years, contrary to the past few years, has not succeeded to have suitable results, if they think they will not be effective anymore, should have the courage to announce their withdrawal.

Meanwhile, the National Team players who have not the capability of playing in great competitions and if they, themselves, are aware of this case, should consider the national interests and the importance of Olympic Games for the country and cede their places to the ones who deserve more.

The Taekwondo champion of France Tournaments (Paris – 2002), in respect of the way of the National Team players’ election by lots and the claim of soon coming finals, expressed: Never the election by lots in sport matches could be disregarded, but if we claim to have the world champion place or at least the vice champion place in the World Taekwondo, we should not maneuver on lots or this kind of matters. We should accept, today, Korea will not be the only essential competitor of ours in Taekwondo. It is possible that this sort of lots to be drawn for us in Olympic Games as well. Therefore, the election by lots is not the essential problem of lack of obtaining results. Also, since the level of Asian tournaments is lower comparing with the World Tournaments, so, there is a high probability to obtain medals and Olympic Games ration. The founder of world first freestyle Taekwondo (Top Taekwondo), with saying the above, reminded: In my opinion, regarding the technical staff of the National Team and the ones who should be dispatched in some weights, an immediate consideration is needed.

Source: Niroo Weekly Magazine, Wednesday 10/10/2007