Obtaining the world 13th place is not at all acceptable for sport society and country’s Taekwondo and the ones who know gaining this title is admittable for Taekwondo family, maybe they mean the surrounding of the Federation and its employees.

Seyed Ali Haghshenas the president of the board and managing director of Iranian Taekwondo Association (the first civil entity in country’s sport) and Iranian Martial Arts Professionals Union in an interview with ISNA with expressing this subject said: Taekwondo World Championship Tournaments have always been different from Asia and World Cup Tournaments and even from Olympic Games and during the many years of holding these competitions, the number of gained Gold Medals by Iran Taekwondo, did not reach to one hand’s fingers. Yet, the Taekwondo Federation has constantly concealed all weaknesses by magnifying other tournaments.

The Taekwondo Champion of Belgium Tournaments (Brussels – 2000) added: In practice, the realities of Iran Taekwondo are different. Lack of preparation of backings and use of experts and professionals, putting aside the experienced coaches having good records and confronting with the first civil entity of  the sport which, with allocating no budgets and having different sabotages, during seven years has had a record card by many degrees more fruitful in internal and international arenas, and using politics and any other ways and manners for magnifying Iranian Taekwondo’s potential more than it is for personal benefits, are realities which their result is decadence of this field up to the limit of 80’s decade.

Haghshenas continued: Unfortunately, instead of apologizing officially to the people for having obtained their capital and country’s treasury’s money, some of them, with no fear, rush toward compassionates of this sport and as usual use the weapon of misjudgment and show incorrect information and also inconsistent statistics different from official declaration of World Federation sources, to deceive public opinion.

The champion of Taekwondo Tournaments (Moscow - 2005) stated: What is for sure is that related authorities should reappraise all areas and levels of this field and if the situation continues in the same way, we will have to say goodbye to this sport. The president of Iranian Martial Arts Professionals Union, with pointing to the activities of this union on 2007, announced the holding of first period of Full Contact and Judo’s country’s championships and dispatch of Top Taekwondo’s National Team to World Kick Boxing Championship Tournaments within current year.

Source: Asr-e varzesh weekly Magazine, Wednesday 30/5/2006