Seyed Ali Haghshenas the president of the board of Iranian Martial Arts Professionals Union and founder of Iranian Taekwondo Association the first civil entity in country’s sport with stating the above subject in an interview with Navad, stipulated: It is near two decades that mostly the sport fields and partially provinces’ Physical Training general offices are controlled by a number of particular persons who are there contrary to basic principles of the sport and without considering their professional, technical and scientific competency. Mainly the non-sportive individuals who have entered in the sport through their relationships, like too much to obtain sportive positions because of their social respect, overflowing funds and attentions of the states and alternating extraterritorial trips on account of country’s treasury. Whereas many of professionals, technical experts and persons who have put their life most sweet time in the sport are put aside.

Haghshenas continued:

The manner in which the elections of federations and councils are made during these years has had no results but propagating more the culture of band formations and carrying on surplus expenses on people’s shoulders. If the purpose of this act was disseminating democracy, so the elections should be done by every person of that sport field family, it means by people; and under these circumstances many of gentlemen who with the money of country’s treasury and efforts of unknown coaches, have been shown as successful managers, their gathered number of votes will not reach even to one hand’s fingers.

Who has told that the representative of coaches, sport players, referees and councils’ heads is really the representative of this stratum? It is better, with observing the existing conditions, to replace the past nominations which were transparent and had essence with such elections that had augmented the countless problems of the sport. Haghshenas added: Noticing the feudal system of the sport, the transposition of some sport managers and federations heads is very necessary and obligatory and can be one of positive points of the new state workbook.

Source: Navad Newspaper, Sunday 23/4/2006