The subject of the sport federationsí budgets and the fact that their financial credits amount shortage has been always criticized is one of the cases that principally the managers of different sports federations have complained. On the opposite side, the non governmental entities and formations with making incomes from public helps have accomplished their activities and in some cases they believe that they do not need governmental funds and with defining the income making ranges they will obtain suitable results.

In this regard Seyed Ali Haghshenas, the president of the board and managing director of Iranian Martial Arts Professionals Union, Iranian Taekwondo Association and International Top Taekwondo Association in a detailed interview answered to different questions which you can read as follow. We should not forget that he has propounded that he is managing the independent formations with an amount of around 50 million Tomans and the last result of the associations under his management is gaining the vice champion place in Taekwondo International Tournaments of Moscow. Meanwhile, request of federations for budgets increasing is completely illogical.

* An atmosphere belonging to the public has not been defined for federations  

- Unfortunately, federations have separated themselves from people and a logical atmosphere as public formation has not been defined for them. But contrary to this, we, as the first legal non-governmental independent organization in countryís sport arena, have completely public funds, which are secured by sports lovers. The technical structure of our formation is independent in such a manner that we have not taken even one coach from the Federation.

* People executors of our activities

- Holding around 50 terms of countryís and provincial championships, training around 400 coaches and referees and also founding the first world freestyle Taekwondo, based on principles of the statute, on 2001, organizing Iranian Martial Arts Professionals Union at the beginning of 2004 and separating their organizations all within the framework of an institutional management have been done by absorbing public forces.

* Without any budget we will make Taekwondo champion of Olympic Games.

- The Physical Training Organization should consider with accuracy the operations of non-state centers and compare them with federations. In 2002, we had also stated that with the half of Taekwondo Federationís budget we would make Iran the champion of Olympic Games. For the moment I say with entire frankness without receiving any budget, we will make this team the champion of Olympic Games of Peking on 2008.

* For taking a club we have thousands of difficulties

- The Associationís team some time ago in International Tournaments of Russia gained the vice champion place, after South Korea. We have been able to do this with a budget of just 40 to 50 million Tomans secured by our capabilities. Of course different sabotages of Taekwondo Federation which were supposed to block our way should be disregarded and even now for taking a sport club we encounter thousands of difficulties.

* Federations are not in the right to take tuition fee.

- Federations besides enjoying the abundant governmental funds and attracting different sponsors, they receive also the tuition fee from their referees, coaches and trainees, although they are not in the right to receive it. For instance the Kabkanian Club by itself is highly profitable for the Taekwondo.

* The Sport needs a fundamental reformation

- The Sport needs a fundamental reformation. Physical Training Organization should receive a clear financial operationsí report from federations, because in some of them some individuals earn salary whereas they spend no time for that field of sport or the chief who has no proficiencies in the sport field in which he has been reinstated in his post for years. I, myself, know chiefs of councils who have remained in their positions for more than 20 years and in fact have transformed their positions to a business.

* In sport tastes are oppressing

-           - In sport another complicacy which should be verified with care is acting on tastes basis. Usually in some fields, the national teams are managed monopolistically and are limited to some special individuals. Even the persons who with lots of efforts give trainees to national arenas are not used as assistant coaches so, losing their motivations and leaving the sport is completely natural. Perhaps this subject caused my separation from Taekwondo family and establishment of this center.

* Irresponsibly speaking has heavy consequences

- Some said the dispatch of Associationís Taekwondo Players Team to Russia was illegal. Here I must say that recognizing the legality or illegality of the activity of a group or an individual is in the right of authorized sources and people who speak irresponsibly should know that heretofore such statements have been followed by heavy consequences. Therefore, they had better give up such unprofessional approaches.

* Federation does not show any tendency for cooperation

- We have no prevention for cooperating with the Federation but the latter does not show any tendency for cooperation. During these years they were thinking if they boycott us we will be annihilated. Whereas, it was the Association that for the first time, out of governmental structure and with a legal permit, dispatched the Women Taekwondo Team to international tournaments and established the first Taekwondo School in the country. At present too, we have around 1000 Taekwondo players attending in our championship races, yet in Federationís competitions the number of attendants is much less.

As a matter of fact, if the Federation believes that our activities are non professional, out of standards and illegal, why we have been observing the tendency of this much people and have not received any public complaint as well.

* The changes of World Federation was in the middle of Top Taekwondo foundation

- When we started the Top Taekwondo style as the first fighting freestyle of Taekwondo in the world, the Federation felt danger and protested against us to the World Federation. But in the continuation we saw the World Federation organized a rectification committee and was looking to make this field more various. Changes in refereeing rules, making the shiap chang smaller and using boxing gloves have been done in this direction. At present, we claim in competitions, a good Taekwondo player of the Federation cannot resist more than 30 seconds in front of Top Taekwondo players!

Source: Navad Newspaper, Wednesday 1/3/2006