ISNA: Seyed Ali Haghshenas, president of the board of Iranian Martial Arts Professionals Union and founder of the first civil structure in sport of Iran (Iranian Taekwondo Association (I.T.A.)) about the propounded subjects regarding the independence of the federations, said: Sport federations according to the law, like civil entities, are considered as non-governmental institutes with this difference that in addition to their incomes they enjoy governmental funds and possibilities as well. Also based on countryís current law regulations and Islamic republic amateur federationsí statute approved by council of ministers on 2002, the Physical Training Organization as the president of the assembly is the highest authority for decision making in the federationís affairs and consequently is legally the superior authority too; and federations have to follow the Organization and observe the law. Although from structural and financial viewpoint, civil entities are independent but they act within the systemís rules framework and with proper obedience to the regulations.

Source: Navad Newspaper, Wednesday 7/12/2005