Seyed Ali Haghshenas, managing director and president of the board of Iranian Martial Arts Professionals Union, with saying this sentence in a private interview with the sportive Navad Newpaper on 84/2/12, said: With taking into consideration the numerous quantity of the styles and the large number of martial arts players, we felt the necessity of the establishment of a legal and completely specialized institute in martial arts. For this purpose, after finishing the legal processes and obtaining the required permits, we laid the foundation of the first guild confederation of the sport in country’s sport arena. Also the assistances of the Confederation along with domain executive assistance will be put in working order for the fields of Taekwondo, Judo, Karate, Top Taekwondo, Vosho (Kung Fu) and invented styles.

For this reason we are studying regarding the competent individuals to assign them as the heads of these assistances. In total, according to our legal rights, we will be active in all martial styles and fields.

The president of Iranian Martial Arts Professionals Union with mentioning the independence of the Confederation financially and technically, stated: Because of having the record of activity in the first civil structure in homeland sport during the last four year management, we have gained lots of experiences, which along with the high executive power of the Confederation will be helpful. Haghshenas with mentioning the necessity of the state support from legal non-governmental organizations, added: Despite the big amount of activities during last years, and government’s attractive mottos based on protecting civil entities, we have not seen any supports and hope that the future cabinet would have a general review in this respect.

The Iranian Martial Arts Professionals Union besides the activities in technical arenas will have a searching and constructive presence in sportive and social activities and events.

Meanwhile, upon emphasis of the Supreme Leader of Islamic Republic of Iran in 9th period of presidential elections regarding public participation and national unity, we, accompanied with all our members and funs, will have an intense presence.

Source: Navad Newspaper, Monday 2/4/2005